Races are allowed in this league.


Matches Played & Reported are up to the 2 players.


Best to take a SS of the terms in case of dispute/failure to report.


Failure to report league race within 15 minutes will result in a penalization.


For Example, if I play a game of Rummy vs Tina, and we determine the loser of the game needs to report 5 losses, then the loser of the game has to report 5 losses to the winner.


It is the responsibility of you and your opponent to agree upon the amount of games played and the amount of losses to be reported.




But proof of wager must be presented in a screenshot if failure to be reported.


For Example, if Lexie bets the Packers will defeat the Bears tonight and I disagree, with the wage being loser reports 10 losses.


The loser has to report the 10 losses to the winner immediately!


It is a morale booster and effective way of participation!



Reporting loses for League Games, League Races, and Betting is to be completed @ http://www.myleague.com/pooldreams/standings/report-loss/