1) GD and league id must be identical. No ghost ids are permitted. Cases Arcade does not allow underscores and other characters in IDs so make sure your league id is as close to your GD id as possible. Inappropriate language is not allowed in league Id. Any IDS could be put in the Penalty Box if deemed inappropriate. 

2) One account per person ONLY allowed in this league, duplicates WILL be removed, with the possibility of you being banned. If 2 members of same household want to play in league, please let admins know. 

3) Either opponent listed in pairings may invite to a table. Please do not wait on your opponent for an invite. 

4) When paired in EARLY SECOND ROUNDS, if able, we encourage you to play it. 

5) JUMP/HOST what you can handle... Its unfair to your opponents if you jump 3 tournaments but can only play one at a time Same goes for Staff hosting. If you're slow and cause problems, TDs will remove you before starting or DQ you. 

6) We run 20-40 tournaments daily, most are Fast Fours, if you miss a tournament, please jump next. Our staff is not obligated to ask for Last Calls/Obbies. We try to preset tours so you have ample time to get in the tournament ahead of time. If you would like a certain game ran, ask the TD for that game next. 

7) If you're in a BAD MOOD, then don’t come in to make us feel the same. Show some good sportsmanship and no negative comments in the Lobby when you lose or just want to cause drama! If that occurs, you could be asked to leave or be put in the Penalty Box. 

8) No Politics or Religion or anything controversial in the lobby. We are here to play POOL. Failure to heed Admin Warnings will result in Penalty Box and/or removal from Pool Dreams. 

9) Caps are ONLY to be used by TD's running their tourneys. If you are just engaged in a conversation in the lobby, please remove Caps.

10) Spamming in other rooms is strictly prohibited. Spamming in our room is only used to addy our League/ Tourneys. 

11) You may play as much league games a day per opponent as you wish. You have 15 minutes to report a league game loss. If your opponent doesn't report their loss, you need to file an unreported match (complaints take up to 24-hrs to fix). 

12) Safeties (snookers) are not permitted unless AG or specified by TD. 11 We are a No Ball In Hand League unless AG or specified by TD. disqualified and you advance. If playing a league game you may make it up later. 

13) We are a No Ball In Hand League (NBIH) unless AG or specified by TD. 

14) If a player is missing or booted you must notify the TD, a timer will be started by the TD, the missing player has 5 minutes to commence their game, after timer has elapsed they will be disqualified and you advance. If the tournament game is Reverse/Flawless, timers are 3 minutes for DQ. This does not include Invitors Choice if those games are selected. If playing a league game you may make it up later. 

15) Please remember we have a lot of members in our league, so if a dispute arises with any league member at your table during a tourney, please invite the TD to settle the dispute. As with any other problems with members, please invite that person and an Admin or HTD to a table to resolve the issue. All disputes must be kept OUT of the lobby. We are here to have fun. 

16) Saying good luck (gl) before and good game (gg) after each match is recommended but will not be enforced.

17) Discrimination on the basis of age/sex/race/disability or sexual preference is NOT permitted. Bullying will not be permitted, this is not high school. This is not only wrong---It’s against the law. Anyone caught doing so will be permanently removed from this league immediately. 

18) The TD has the final say. No arguing in the Lobby.. Keep it positive! 

19) Races are allowed in this league. Matches Played & Reported are up to the 2 players. Best to take a SS of the terms in case of dispute/failure to report. Failure to report league race within 15 minutes will result in a penalization.  For Example, if I play a game of Rummy vs Tina, and we determine the loser of the game needs to report 5 losses, then the loser of the game has to report 5 losses to the winner.

It is the responsibility of you and your opponent to agree upon the amount of games played and the amount of losses to be reported.

LEAGUE RACES CAN ALSO BE FRIENDLY WAGERS/BETS!!! But proof of wager must be presented in a screenshot if failure to be reported.

For Example, if Lexie bets the Packers will Defeat the Bears tonight and I disagree, loser reports 10 losses. The loser has to report the 10 losses to the winner! It's a morale booster and effective way of participation!


Reporting loses for League Games, League Races, and Betting is to be completed @ http://www.myleague.com/pooldreams/standings/report-loss/


20) Re-Rack’s are not to be asked for by the loser. Only the winning opp may offer a RR (at the beginning of the match preferably...others are waiting to play. 

21) HANGING 8 - DOUBLE BT8/Q - If it is stuck in your designated pocket, you play as normal BUT your opponent MUST DOUBLE BANK. Call the hosting TD or Admin for verification, if needed. 

22) We are here to have fun and grow together. Invite your friends to join our league, we are hiring Staff, no activity demands. Please remember to follow these rules to ensure Admins do not have to hold them against you!