A Big Hi and Hello to each and every one of our wonderful members.

As I write this I have accepted that I am an essential employee of the US Department of Homeland Security, and with that responsibility, tasked with working during these difficult and dangerous times just like other members who are first to respond and other important role players in our society.


However, a majority of our members/staff now find themselves stuck at home, trying to keep themselves occupied with the families, due to this devastating Corona Virus. Fortunately for me, here in Chicago, Illinois, I can still go shopping with my wife Jey Ann, we keep Chris at home to avoid him touching anything unnecessary.


My employer has also given us an extra paid day off, so the days I work, I send most of my workforce home on paid leave because as the Supervisor, I can take care of my team, sorta like I do in Pool Dreams.

Life is basically the same for Lynn, as far as I know. We speak quite often, Have many many laughs and share a lot of stories, although she resides in Virginia, which is basically the South!

  One of my immediate officers just tested positive for the corona virus, and could have possibly infected much of my team. One of my fellow Supervisors just died this weekend, although its TBD if it was corona virus related, he was on 14 days of leave to avoid the disease. Fortunately, none of my family have been lost, a God sent and a blessing. I hope and pray that situation continues, and the sooner, and  the better, this awful threat will be gone, only time will tell?

I Myself  am very fortunate, I still have a paying job while others may not, and to have a wonderful wife (she got laid off due to the corona virus) who supports my career by taking care of our family, and to be a part of this wonderful league of ours. Lynn and I are are very proud of what it has become, and this brings me to the real point of this email.


We all are hurting, some much much more than others. Some will be suffer major financial hardships, some may have sick or even have ailing friends or family. Lynn and I soooo hope no members are infected or become infected. Many may be feeling closed in or even isolated, lonely or maybe frustrated. Pool Dreams is here to help.

This league belongs to us all, we are all a part of it in some way, utilize it.
Come to the lobby, if lonely, Scared or sad. Talk to other players, your friends, or even staff. Play some games, enjoy the company and have fun. A tough game of Regs will make anyone feel better, sit back relax and enjoy. There have been many tours on the calendar, and the numbers will grow as we have many new and amazing staff, never a dull moment. They are there for all to enjoy, and have fun with.

For those feeling the strain and hardships of this epidemic, Lynn and I are here for you, which is why we are launching this Hosting Competition. If you find yourself stuck at home, dust off your hosting skills, host 5 + a day, and make some money doing it! Starting April 1st, 75 tours in 30 days - $20. 150 tours in 30 days - $50. 300 tours in 30 days - $100. Funded by Admins, not Myleague/Cases. Make some money for groceries!

I would also like to implore you to try some other games if pool gets boring or if there is no tournaments going. We offer other games via our Sister Leagues which Scottie has listed on the bottom right side of our league page. Spades, Canasta, Back Gammon, etc! Lots of fun games found on www.safeharborgames.net

I am quite sure we all are feeling scared, nervous, even unsure of what tomorrow may bring, I sure am. This should be a time of togetherness, please help one another to have faith and remain strong.


We are all looking for a cure, A way to make life better. This virus will be destroyed. We are all in this TOGETHER. I wish that I could help and make this all go away for everyone, but of course that's just not possible. Just follow any and all advice given to you, stay home as much as possible, keep everything clean and sanitize your hands, always keep a safe distance from others, this is essential.


You can find us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1917701838476283/ where we also share recent news, competitions, tournaments, etc.


So as I end this letter, We want to thank you all for being a part of Pool Dreams. Please play, relax, and maybe even make new friends. Help, love and support one another, this will all be behind us soon, and lives as we know it will be back to normal.


Lynn and I wish  you all much love, health and safety!!

Hope to See you all in Pool Room 5!


Mitch and Lynn