~*~Misfits Bowling Rules~*~


    1)  Cases Arcade does not allow underscores and other characters in IDs so make sure your league id is as close to your GD id as possible. Inappropriate language is not allowed in league Id. Any IDS could be put in the Penalty Box if deemed inappropriate.

    2)  One account per person ONLY allowed in this league, duplicates WILL be removed, with the possibility of you being banned. If 2 members of same household want to play in league, please let admins know.

    3)  Exiting  Bowling Room in middle of game is AUTO DQ for game cannot be retrieved. If game hasn't started, its 7 minute round timer and removal for RD 2. If you have not bowled witihn 3 minutes you will automatically DQ.

    4)  Quitting a Game due to low scores to restart over in a Tourney is CHEATING, and will result in DQ and BOXING if done multiple times. Please NO practicing in between ROUNDS to avoid this appearance.
    5) Lying about your score/quitting a game in the Lobby is a INTEGRITY issue, and will result in BOXING if done repeatedly.

    6) All Bowling Tours are ran as Swiss with 10 minute round timers to keep everyone engaged. They are 2 rounds if there is only 4 in, and will likely expand to 3 or 4 rounds if more jump!

    7) LOBBY IS SMALL - Please try to keep non league related chatter to a minimum in the lobby so TD can see scores. We enjoy friendly conversations as long as it does not get out of control. Failure to comply COULD result in a silencing by Admins/HTDs.

    8) If you're in a BAD MOOD, then don't come in to make us feel the same. Show some good sportsmanship and no negative comments in the Lobby when you lose or just want to cause drama! If that occurs, you could be asked to leave or be put in the Penalty Box.

    9) No Politics or Religion or anything controversial in the lobby. We are here to play POOL. Failure to heed Admin Warnings will result in Penalty Box and/or removal from Pool Dreams.

    10) Caps are ONLY to be used by TD's running their tourneys. If you are just engaged in a conversation in the lobby, please remove Caps.

    11) Spamming in other rooms is strictly prohibited. Spamming in our room is only used to addy our League/ Tourneys.

    12) You may play as much league games a day per opponent as you wish. You have 15 minutes to report a league game loss. If your opponent doesn't report their loss, you need to file an unreported match (complaints take up to 24-hrs to fix).

    13) Pool Dreams is new to Cases Arcade and Bowling. Please bare with us as we update these rules and make the necessary changes to better improve your bowling experience. Suggestions/Recommendations are always welcome!

    14) NO PRACTICE GAMES between rounds. When the tournament has begun that you are in, the only matches you are to be playing is your tournament match. Quitting a game midway through will appear as if the player wanted a higher score, will be DQ'ed, and BOXED if it happens repeatedly.

    15) Tie Breakers will be played by 3 frames, loser reports 3 league game losses. If tied again, players continue 3 more frames until one wins. Only 3 losses will be reported, even if going 6 or 9 frames, etc.

 Wacky Bowling Rules 

These tours are held nightly in the classic bowling room from 5pm til 8pm